Philip Goo

Public Relations/Outreach Manager

Philip Goo is a rising junior in high school and has been fortunate to be involved in the Public Relations and Outreach team of Bay Area Uncovered. He usually is involved in managing and brainstorming ideas for the BAU Twitter and TikTok platforms but also occasionally works on the social media graphics. He also works with the documentation team to manage publication schedules. Philip has an extreme passion for social justice and his involvement in various local social projects demonstrates that. Outside of BAU, he works on social advocacy for other social issues such as health inequity and the physical/mental side effects of experiencing discriminatory hardships. Philip is also heavily involved in different social equity and community development initiatives in his school environment. He is never afraid to speak up about topics he is passionate about which motivates him to contribute as much as he can to BAU.

Lillian Fu

Staff Writer

Lillian Fu is a staff writer for Bay Area Uncovered’s publication team and a rising junior. She is excited to be part of this project, which she thinks is more important now than ever, and for her writing to contribute to the goals of the team and to help bring attention to many previously suppressed voices. In her free time, she reads and writes fiction and poetry, and falls into YouTube spirals. 

Brandon Pan

Documentation Team Member

Brandon Pan is a member of the Documentation Team on Bay Area Uncovered, and thus responsible for the collection and recording of student experiences in order to create advocacy for improved policies. He’s involved in various advocacy initiatives in fields like crisis support, racial equity (especially in education), and environmental justice. 

Alex Cheng

Alex Cheng

Co-founder and Public Relations/Outreach Lead

Alex is a cofounder of Bay Area Uncovered. Though progressive, the Bay Area still has many esoteric areas that need uplifting. He likes pho and civil rights, and would get both of them every day of the week.

Serrina Zou

Website Design Lead and Staff Writer

Serrina Zou is a high school student from San Jose, California, and a 2019 California Arts Scholar in Poetry. She is humbled and proud to participate in Bay Area Uncovered as a staff writer and Website Design Lead for marginalized voices and visions. In addition to her work for Bay Area Uncovered, she is the co-founder of Letterly, a global online pen pal matcher, KoalaTea: Quality Topics & Tea, a podcast celebrating quirky authenticity in the twenty-first century, and Koality Code, an online program dedicated to connecting young coders. When she is not writing, she is either feeding her Philz Coffee addiction or avidly devouring novels.

Christine Park

Documentation Lead

Christine Park is a rising high school junior and loves to meet new people. As the Documentation Team Lead, she focuses on reaching out to others to spread awareness about various forms of discrimination in the Bay Area, and encouraging students to share their stories. Through Bay Area Uncovered, she hopes that those who had been silenced in the past will have an opportunity to not only express themselves, but also combine voices with others who share similar experiences to advocate for changes in schools and communities. In addition to BAU, Christine uses her experience and passion for music to help children with developmental disabilities and students who are interested in music but do not have opportunities or resources to learn.

Elizabeth Cheng

Elizabeth Cheng

Staff Writer

Elizabeth Cheng is incredibly proud to be a part of the publication team! Her goal is to bring light to the uglier side of education in the Bay Area and give students a platform for their experiences to be heard. She hopes that you, the reader, can become more aware and mindful about the side of Bay Area schools that are usually kept in the dark, and in turn, discuss these issues with the people around you. Bay Area Uncovered can be the center of a ripple that spreads farther that anyone would’ve ever imagined, and Elizabeth hopes to help cultivate this change. In her free time, she procrastinates on taking naps and tries to get abs.

Helina Li

Helina Li

Staff Writer and Website Designer

Helina Li is both a staff writer and a website designer at Bay Area Uncovered, working to push for change not only in law, but in people as well. As an officer of two literary magazines, she hopes to use her writing to spread awareness, shift perspectives, and create an inclusive and equal community that is long overdue. When she is not arguing with the narrow-minded, writing, or reading, she can most likely be found playing badminton.

Melissa Chen

Melissa Chen

Staff Writer

Melissa Chen is a rising Bay Area senior. She is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to spreading empowering awareness and knowledge about discrimination and create differences in school communities. Melissa enjoys reading and writing. As a publication team member, she is looking forward to using writing to elevate different voices and create impacts.

Katia Nagarajan

Co-Founder and Staff Writer

Katia Nagarajan is a rising senior and co-founder of Bay Area Uncovered. In addition to being a general oversight manager, she is part of the publication team with the goal of coupling her drive to promote equality with her passion for writing. As a board member of the longest-running social justice club at her school, Katia hopes to not only spur change within her own community but also across the Bay Area. 

Vedikas Sridharan

Co-Founder and Documentation Team Member 

Vedikas Sridharan is a rising senior and cofounder of Bay Area Uncovered. Vedikas is a member of the Documentation team and wants to help promote equity and educate people on the Bay Area’s lack of immunity from prejudices that plague the world. Vedikas hopes to use BAU to accomplish actual change and shine a spotlight on local injustices. 

Ria Chaudhary

Co-Founder and Publication Lead

Ria Chaudhary is excited to serve as Writing Lead of Bay Area Uncovered, which she cofounded with the goal of giving every student a voice. Within the world of politics, she serves as statewide Editor-in-Chief and executive board member of California High School Democrats, and regionally as SCCHSDA Media Director. Her primary political focus is equity, especially within education, and has advocated personally and as part of a variety of groups for equal opportunity and protection within her school district. She’s an avid coffee drinker and average convertible driver and hopes you learn as much from reading these stories as she did from researching and writing them.